SMYLO Agents: nearshoring staff, instead of hiring them permanently

Why permanentize yourself, when you can remain flexible. With SMYLO, you can hire well-qualified call center employees, only as long as you need them.
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Highly qualified and amazingly affordable: SMYLO Agents for your call center
Are you looking for capable call center employees with excellent German lingual skills? Highly motivated and cost-effective? Then we have a solution for you!
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We search, you smile:
SMYLO Agents
Good call center personnel are hard to find. SMYLO has the best contacts and many years of experience. Don't worry, sit back and let us find your SMYLO agents - highly motivated and with excellent German skills.
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Excellent Personnel

SMYLO exclusively provides nearshore personnel with very good language skills and contact centre experience in various industries.

Up to 60% off

As our agents are based abroad, we can offer them at up to 60% lower rates than local staff.

Monthly Terminable

Stay flexible in terms of personnel: Book SMYLO agents for your needs. You can terminate the agents on a monthly basis and thus save wage costs, e.g. in case of time-limited projects or declining order situation.

How SMYLO makes your call center more profitable:

We find the right call center agent for you

Anyone who knows the call centre industry knows how difficult it is to find and keep qualified call centre staff on the German labour market in the long term. An above-average number of sick days, frequent staff changes and mediocre pay often have a negative impact on the quality of customer contact.

At SMYLO, we know these issues inside out and know how to acquire qualified agents in the near abroad. We focus on employees who speak excellent German, grew up in Germany and have a German school leaving certificate.

We are real call centre professionals

The SMYLO team has many years of experience in the call center industry itself and knows all facets of this business. That's why we not only arrange suitable resources for you at short notice, but also offer you many other services as an option.

Qualified personnel: Reasonably priced, flexible and experienced

We provide call center resources for your needs, specific requirements and projects. SMYLO agents speak excellent German, with experience in various industries and expertise in customer contact, so that you leave a good impression with your customers.

Since our agents are based abroad, we can offer them up to 60 percent cheaper than staff in Germany. In the respective country comparison, however, they are paid above average. This increases motivation and reduces fluctuation, which is otherwise up to 20 percent in the industry.

Our SMYLO agents are accordingly reliable than many of their colleagues in German call centers. 

Stay staffed flexible and book SMYLO Agents for your needs. For time-limited projects or declining order situation they are cancellable by the month

A simple cost example:

Inhouse Customer Service
Inhouse 1st-Level IT Support

Cost items Inhouse CS With SMYLO
Average gross salary for call centre agents (Old federal states) 1.895,90€ From €1,650.00
Non-wage labour costs (average 21% of gross salary) 398,14€ /
Internal IT costs per agent 100,00€ /
Recuitment/HR/Human Resources Management 100,00€ /
Training (measurement 1:50 of the agents' costs) 45,88€ /
Office (an agent needs at least 12m² incl. workplace, corridors, kitchen, lounge, etc.) 96,00€ /
Team leader (ratio 1:15 agents) 169,40€ /
Total costs ~ 2.805,32€ From €1,650.00

This is how you can employ SMYLO agents :

Call Center: Inbound / Outbound /
first level support

Every call center operator has experienced this many times: after a painstaking search for personnel and many interviews, you think you have finally found the right employee. Only to find out on Monday morning that the supposed dream employee simply didn't show up for training or called in sick after a few days.

Thanks to SMYLO, that's finally over!

SMYLO agents are reliable, highly motivated and are paid above average compared to the rest of the country. That is why SMYLO with only three percent also a clearly lower employee turnover than is usual in the industry. According to a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the average in the industry is currently 20 percent.

Our SMYLO agents take over all classic call center tasks according to your personal specifications. This applies to inbound calls as well as outbound calls. If desired, our qualified agents can also offer you 1st level support, e.g. in the IT area.

Customer Service: In-House Outsourcing

You do not want to outsource your customer service to an external call center, but also don't want to hire your own personell for this? Then we have an efficient and cost-effective alternative for you.

SMYLO provides you with resources that are top qualified and also work exclusively for you if you wish. And all this only as long as you have demand. In the event of a decline in demand, your agents can be terminated on a monthly basis, so the business risk lies largely with SMYLO.

This way you benefit twofold: Our SMYLO agents are up to 60 percent cheaper than call center employees in Germany and you remain maximally flexible.

eCommerce and web shop support

Have you recently opened a Web Shop or are you planning to do so? But you don't have the time or manpower to take care of customer support yourself? Our competent SMYLO agents will gladly take care of your customers - as if they were their own.
Of course, completely according to your specifications, which you can teach them via online training. But we can also take care of that for you if you wish.

Live chat

You run a small or medium-sized company and the many chat requests in customer service grow over your head? If so, we'll be happy to assign one or more employees to you, who will expertly answer all inquiries. Everything exactly according to your personal specifications.

Social media support

Without Facebook, Instagram, Amazon & Co, nothing works in the business world today. But as beneficial as these channels are for your success, they need to be maintained regularly and the many questions of prospects and customers also answered promptly and competently. Our friendly SMYLO agents can help you with this, too. We will be happy to make you an offer!

Sales: lead generation, scheduling, telesales

At SMYLO, you get the full range of sales support on demand - tailored exactly to your business model. However, with us you only get and pay for the resources you really need.

Our agents handle lead generation and scheduling as well as cold calling or telesales for your products or services. We often even use agents who already know your industry/products. This improves credibility in customer contact and ultimately your profit.

Not the right one?

Talk to us! We have the right solution for almost every problem.

And that's how easy it works:

1. Needs Assessment
2. Resource Selection
3. Technology
4. Training

1. Needs Assessment

In the initial meeting, we determine your needs together: What skills and experience should your SMYLO agents have? Is it more about B2B or B2C contacts? We want to understand which SMYLO agents we can optimally support you with. If you wish, we can also support you with the training and technical connection of your SMYLO agents. We clarify all these questions with you and make you a customised offer on this basis.

2. Resource Selection:

After we know your exact needs, we now determine the appropriate resources for you and create your desired team. During the selection process, we make sure that the agents already know your industry or your products, if possible. In many cases this will be possible. If you wish, you can replace members of your team at any time.

3. Technique:

Together with you, we define the requirements for a secure and reliable connection of the agents to your systems. If you still need a telephone system, a CRM system or other technical equipment, we will be happy to provide it.

Fourth training session:

You can train your SMYLO agents yourself via video conference. Alternatively, this can also be done by a SMYLO trainer whom you have previously trained according to the train-the-trainer principle. In addition, special training courses on specific topics or general sales training are also feasible. These trainings can also be done by a SMYLO expert if desired. Many things are conceivable and possible, just contact us.


  1. We mainly employ agents who already have prior experience in your field of operation.
  2. All SMYLO agents are networked with each other via a "social intranet" - a kind of internal Linkedin. This allows them to maintain close contact with each other on a daily basis, be alerted to news and ask questions. In addition, the SMYLO head office exchanges brief information with each agent on a daily basis.
  3. If your work processes are not yet in writing, we will be happy to do that for you.
  4. We advise defining measurable targets for collaboration. For example, that an outbound agent must demonstrably make at least 70 outbound calls per day. You define the exact targets - of course we will advise you on this.
  5. We regularly make use of "mystery calls" to test the telephone performance of our SMYLO agents.
  1. The agreed working times are entered into our digital working time recording system, which is part of the above-mentioned social intranet. If an employee is not logged in there during the scheduled working time, we see this immediately.
  2. We use appropriate monitoring tools to monitor the phone activity of our SMYLO agents as well.

Either you conduct remote training on your own, or we will be happy to provide you with a trainer, whom you can then train according to the train-the-trainer principle. However, all our agents have already mastered the basic skills of the business, usually they even already have experience in exactly your industry. So the training effort will be limited.

If you need special training on a complex topic or want to make agents fit in a particular area, then you can also book specialized trainers through us, for example in the area of cold calling. If desired, we can also have these training courses certified.

Because we employ immigrants from Germany, who then live in Spain, Croatia or Turkey, for example - countries with a much lower cost of living. From a German point of view, SMYLO prices are very reasonable, but locally, the pay of SMYLO employees is much higher than the local average. For this reason, it is much easier to get good and reliable call center staff there than in Germany. Sick leave and fluctuation are also much lower there.

Either in the home office or in the office of one of our selected local partners. In either case, the premises must meet certain specifications and comply with EU data protection guidelines. You as the customer determine whether your SMYLO agents should work in the home office or in the office.

Yes, every SMYLO agent is legally insured, according to the respective country-specific requirements - including health and pension insurance.

In most cases, we can deploy the employees promptly for another customer. If we do have to part with an agent after a long period of cooperation, he or she will receive a severance package. The amount is already included in your monthly costs.

Many large German corporations such as Lufthansa, Arvato (Bertelsmann) or Bofrost have been using nearshoring agents very successfully in customer communication for years. Thanks to SMYLO, your company can also benefit from nearshoring in the future, largely without risk and very flexibly, without having to make any investments of its own.

No, you have nothing to do with the payroll - your SMYLO agents receive their wages directly from us. Your company receives an invoice for our services with all the mandatory information required in Germany. We also keep track of the hours worked and the vacation days of the SMYLO Agents for you.

Yes. Either EU law or German law depending on the subject matter. SMYLO is a Dutch-German company and the jurisdiction in our contracts is in Germany.

So you would be enjoying European and German legal security and SMYLO builds the bridge abroad for you.

Of course - within the scope typical for the country. In many countries, the number of vacation days depends on the length of employment. In Turkey, for example, the following is common: 14 days in the first 5 years of employment, then 20 days from the 5th year.

In many countries in which SMYLO agents work,there is no legally regulated continued payment of wages in case of illness as is common in Germany. Also therefore, the sickness rates are much lower than in Germany.

By the way, we recommend that particularly good SMYLO agents voluntarily take over continued payment of wages in the event of illness - even if you are not legally obligated to do so. This serves to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction and serves as an incentive for the rest of the team.

If a short-term sickness replacement is needed, you can book it with us.

We only employ agents who have completed school in Germany. For our staff, German is not a foreign language, but the language they grew up with.

Yes! We can offer you almost any world language. Just contact us.

Usually with their own calculator. However, if this does not meet your specifications, we will be happy to equip the agent according to your requirements. In this case, we only charge you for the purchase price and the actual installation effort. Alternatively, you can also rent the equipment from us: PC, laptop, monitor, telephone, etc. Just contact us - we will find a suitable solution!

Keyword DSGVO. We host all data and systems in Germany. The secure handling of sensitive data is guaranteed by our comprehensive data protection concept. With the appropriate technical and organizational measures, we ensure that sensitive (customer) data never leaves Germany.

If necessary, the SMYLO agents work remotely on German servers. Our security concept is also continuously adapted to current requirements. Upon request, we will provide you with all necessary documentation. Contact us if you would like to have more specific information or need insight into our data protection concept.

Testimonials - What our customers say

"I set up my start-up a few months ago and needed someone at short notice to handle customer support and also answer my Facebook and Instagram queries. The friendly team at SMYLO provided me with a great and knowledgeable employee within three days, which has taken a huge amount of pressure off me. My clients are just as delighted as I am."
Thomas Seibert
Young entrepreneurs
"I am a fashion designer and I develop and sell individual fashion for women. During the Corona pandemic, the many customer requests in my web store quickly outgrew my head. I was already more than busy with the designs and making the garments. However, a permanent employee was out of the question for cost reasons. Through an acquaintance I learned about SMYLO. First I was skeptical, but now I am totally happy about the support from afar. SMYLO is competent and affordable and I remain flexible."
Claudia Wittmann
Online shop operator
"As the owner of a small call centre with 20 employees, I was tired of constantly having to look for new people myself. Time and again, employees would leave at short notice, even though they had already signed a contract, or would drop out due to illness. Now I have booked ten agents through SMYLO, who are very reliable and work super competently after a short training. I was also amazed at their good knowledge of German. The SMYLO agents are also very well received by my clients and I save a lot of staff costs."
Markus Kamm
call center operator

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